About us

ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is the only sealer most complete factory.

The company was established since 1975 inception, 30 years of experience, so the macro wild brand products have been subject to various types of domestic and foreign manufacturers of love, from the design, manufacture, maintenance, retail, wholesale, all sectors of the industry also accept OEM and ODM advanced . Over the years, we have been constantly developing new product improvements; excellent quality, good service, welcome to obtain catalogs and exhibitions!

Our product range include - "electrical electromagnetic sealing machine", "instant heat sealing machine," "direct thermal sealer", "portable sealer", "foot-sealing machine", "stainless steel outer pumping foot vacuum sealer "," ultrasonic nail box machine "and other various types of sealing machine.
Thanks for your support! Let us have the opportunity to serve your service, welcome cooperation in export.