Date Coding

Hand Date Coding


Product Description ︰
Suitable for the manufacture of various types of packaging materials, such as date and effective date and batch text
Printing time and pressure adjustable
Using closed-loop temperature control system, heated quickly and accurately
Stainless steel casing, anti-acid alkali
Built-in standard 1-3 lines, line numbers can be placed
35mm ribbon aircraft, increase the font, Cadogan words

  • 產品說明
Mechanical Specifications
Model Power supply (V) Ribbon Size 字高 Word High Mechanical Dimensions (H x W x L) Weight
25 110v 1100W 2mm 40次/分 230Hx150Wx250L 5kg
35 110v 1150W 2mm 40次/分 230Hx150Wx250L 5kg