Date Coding

Hand pressure type Date Coding

DPH 340

For plastic bags, paper boxes and all kinds of paper printing production date trademarks Wholesale. Weight. Mainly for the production without having to use a large amount of small and medium-sealing machine.
Product Description ︰
1 easy to operate, can be clearly marked fonts on paper, plastic, aluminum foil and other kinds of packaging materials can be.
Adjustable 2.1-2 lines, a line can be placed up to 14 digital manufacturing date, expiration date, weight, batch number and other text label.
3 using ribbon printing, low cost printing United States, can be installed on the seal, small size, simple operation, easy to replace, seal mark once.

  • 產品說明
Mechanical Specifications
Voltage : 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Label range: 1行4mm x 28mm 2行 8mm x 28mm Special 3 lines 16mm x8mm
Applicable Ribbon: 6060-B/6100-B
Font size: 2mm x 4mm hight or 3mm x 4mm hight 
Machine weight: 3Kg
Mechanical Dimensions: 220L x 180W x 220H(mm)