Electric electromagnetic sealing machine

Instant heat sealing machine electromagnetic electric 60cm

FS -600

Any suitable sealing material: laminated bags, polystyrene bags, nylon bags, kraft paper bags, vacuum bag, aluminum foil bags PE PP. Proper seal pouch, liquid, oil, flour. Using electromagnetic, pressure average. Cooling device, long-term performance unchanged. Automatic or feet moving operation can be. Heating, cooling, and then the operation of each in order to adjust the time. Installation of thick, thin plastic bags adjustment switch. Good looks, easy to use. The upper and lower heating machine, sealing width (5mm, 8mm, 10mm). The machine can be equipped with the date marking machine.

  • 產品說明
Mechanical Specifications
Model Power supply (V) Instantaneous power Sealing length Mechanical Dimensions (W x L x H) Weight (kg)
FS-300 110/220V 1100W 300 mm 370x370x350 19kg
FS-450 110/220V 1150W 450 mm 520x360x350 20kg
FS-600 110/220V 2200W 600 mm 670x345x350 21kg
FS-700 110/220V 2500W 700 mm 750x380x350 25kg