Continuous Sealing Machine

Floor Horizontal Continuous Sealing Machine


For a variety of PE, PP, PVA, PS, PVC plastic and other materials, polystyrene bags, aluminum foil bags, laminated bags and attached plastic bags, feed bags kraft packaging sealing can be applied.

Product Description ︰ with sealing, embossing or printing functions. IC circuit control, easy maintenance. Conveyor adjustable up and down and back and forth, for a variety of bag sizes. Transporting bags of operation without breaking speed. Printing or embossing embossing drum drum, marking a strong imprint mining, clear writing, no ink. Seal with Teflon and steel. Vertical sealing machine for sealing liquid, powder, granular, food packaging materials of metal parts. Head lift, suitable for various sizes of bags. Sealing speed and temperature sealing bags can be based on different material and thickness of the adjustment.

  • 產品說明
Mechanical Specifications
Voltage: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
Total power: 780W
Sealing Speed: 0 ~ 8m/min
Sealing width: 10mm, 12mm ,15mm
Temperature range: 0 ~ 300°c
Printing Type: Ink printing, printing ribbon
Conveyor Lift space: 80mm
Conveyor Size: 1100 x 205mm
Conveyor total load weight: 7.5kg
Machine size: 1100 x 610 x 1030mm
Machine weight: 80kg