Continuous Sealing Machine

Stainless Steel Horizontal Continuous Sealing Machine


Product Features ︰
1 with sealing 'embossed' or printing functions. 2.IC circuit control, easy to operate.
3. Conveyor adjustable up and down and back and forth for various sizes of bags. 4. Transport bags stepless operation.
5 embossing drum or drum embossed printing, printing using the strong imprint, writing clear 'do not need ink.
6 with a Teflon seal and strip 7. Vertical sealing machine for liquid 'powder' granular 'sealing metal parts of food packaging.
8. Mechanical lift, sealing direction left to right or right to left.
9 and the sealing temperature sealing speed according to the type of material and the packaging bag after the adjustment.
10 whole machine has stainless steel.

  • 產品說明
Mechanical Specifications
Voltage : 11.V/60HZ 220V/50HZ
Total power: 570W
Sealing Speed: 0~ 12M/Min
Sealing width: 10mm
Air temperature range: 0-300'C
Printing Type: Ink printing
Lifting bags of space transportation: 40MM8.
Conveyor principal in weight: 3Kg
Machine size: 950x400x 430MM
Machine weight: 45Kg