Date Coding

Desktop electric Date Coding


Desktop printer ribbon motor type:
Scope desktop / semi-automatic; 110V power supply can be used independently or 220V; 50 / 60Hz power station system printing speed depending on the user operating the motor speed;
Body fastest 100 beats / min font size character height 2mm; 3mm; 4mm machine shared printing area 1 to 3 lines (H x W) 12mm x 33mm ribbon consumables (single can print 20,000 to 25,000 times) Machine Size (LxWxH) 360mm * 310mm * 260mm weight weight 7kg
★ suitable for printing the date, name, batch number, weight; most economical desktop printer
★ all kinds of paper, cartons, plastic bags and other soft materials Jieke Print

Ribbon automatic recovery, printing clear and beautiful design patent prefix extraction convenient, simple word change specifications
★ electric eye automatically detect label printing, adjustable electric eye detection time

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