Pedal Sealer

Foot-sided heating 45cm sealing machine


Seal any bags, boxes, oil, powder down the heating. Any aircraft can add the date marking machine; seal and date stamp once.
Product Description ︰
Any suitable sealing material: laminated bags, polystyrene bags, nylon bags, kraft paper bags, vacuum bag, aluminum foil bag PE PP. Seal bag suitable conditioning, liquid, oil, flour.
This machine can be equipped with labeling machine types.
Replacing the sealing line can shrink film.
The upper and lower heating unit, width of the seal (5mm, 8mm, 10mm).

  • 產品說明
Mechanical Specifications
Model Power supply (V) Instantaneous power Sealing length Mechanical Dimensions (W x L x H) Weight (kg)
NSD-300 110/220V 400W 300m/m 380x350x870 24kg
NSD-450 110/220V 600W 450m/m 540x380x870 29kg
NSD-600 110/220V 800W 600m/m 680x400x870 35kg
NSD-700 110/220V 1000W 700m/m 770x410x870 37kg